This website presents paintings and artwork by Cliff Howard (Australia).

Art in the home

Interior decorating helps create a room’s particular mood, energy, and can enhance the desired ambience.

An original and stylish painting embellishes a room and creates a focal point of cohesion.


Colourful rooms engage people and engender uplifting feelings. That’s why paintings are a key element in interior design.


The aesthetics of an intriguing painting can create a characterful home that’s serene and inviting.

Paintings contribute to a welcoming atmosphere of harmony and balance.


On a separate page in this website, Interior Design, my paintings are demonstrated in a home décor simulation.

Artwork for wine labels


This website includes examples of my original artworks presently available for licensed use on wine labels.  


High definition digitised images of the artworks are available for sole licensee use.


The artworks are designed for Australia’s competitive retail wine market, where it is paramount to achieve visual impact and clear brand differentiation. I believe that effective label packaging should incorporate distinctive visual images that are impactful and unusual.


It is increasingly acknowledged that in the wine and visual arts sectors, artisans and patrons share a common celebration of culture. It makes sense to incorporate art on wine labels, as it can enliven brands, and enrich shoppers’ wine purchasing experience.

My paintings 

I offer acrylic paintings on canvas, on a variety of subjects including wildlife animals and marine themes in an expressionist style.


Most of the art is for sale on my eBay page, and some others are listed on the Gumtree site.


Also, here is a linked booklet of my art published on the ISSUU platform, July 2019. The listing includes the dimensions of each painting.



I welcome to enquiries to design customised digital patterns for your exclusive use.


Examples of patterns I have designed are shown in a dedicated page on this website, labelled Patterns.


Several of my paintings are aligned with poems I’ve written, which can be seen on a separate page.



I am a Melbourne artist and I studied art in Australia and Firenze. I owned and managed Scotchmer Art Gallery for five years, in Melbourne Australia, and have established many valued contacts in the arts sector. 

I enjoy developing innovative ways to promote joint art exhibitions, and to enlist local businesses wishing to align their brand with sponsorship and promotion of the arts.


Art themes I paint include: wildlife; skiers and ice skaters; surfers; dancers; musicians; cats; beaches; boats; athletes and famous places.


My paintings have been exhibited in solo shows including Scotchmer Gallery, Parkville Gallery, Gasworks Gallery, and Montsalvat [Vic].

Enquiries are welcome at on my email at: