Interior Design

Interior decorating helps create a room’s particular mood, energy, and is a good way to enhance the desired ambience.

To enliven a room sometimes simply takes good taste to position visual art in the right spot to form a unifying tone.


Boring blank walls can be transformed with the punctuation of stimulating or relaxing art.


Colourful rooms can engage people and engender uplifting feelings. That’s why interesting paintings form a key element in interior design.

The aesthetics of an intriguing painting can transform an otherwise bland house into a characterful home.


Decorating with the inclusion of a one-off painting helps make even a modest home look opulent, as well as serene and inviting.


Paintings also contribute to a welcoming atmosphere of harmony and balance.

Interior decorators and home stylists have all the fun: they get to choose from an enormous range of art styles, tones, texture, genre, and select artworks that may have a cultural significance.


Achieving a classy décor requires more than simply the placement of an unusual reading lamp, the placement of a few chic cushions, or displaying glossy home magazines on a coffee table.

During the time I spent in Europe, and while operating an art gallery in Melbourne, I observed that people’s art preferences are nuanced.



That’s a good thing, as it makes visiting people’s homes an enjoyable adventure and a learning experience.

Most of my paintings are for sale on, and others are on, as at the start of 2021. 


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