On this page are examples of my promotional images created for online and print media.


Also, I was asked to design a range of artworks for wine labels. They can be seen on a dedicated page within this website.

Other artwork are included below.


I welcome enquiries to design website header images and to customise digital artwork for your exclusive use on social media platforms. 


I offer artwork for wine labels and book covers, plus I am experienced at photo retouching, logo design, and the production of seamless patterns for exclusive use by fashion designers.


My hands-on experience in producing unique advertising and social media posts, utilises my paintings, artwork using Photoshop, and my own photography. 

I have considerable marketing expertise in publicity campaigns, and implementing PR media strategies.

Examples of my corporate marketing experience are available on my business website


Through my activities on the LinkedIn platform, where I have over 8,900 First Connections, I keep abreast of global marketing developments and design trends.

Examples of the diversity of my artwork and online promotions are shown below.