My Paintings

I paint acrylic works on canvas in a representational or expressionist style.


My paintings are unique and make great gifts for use in interior decoration and to embellish a room’s ambience.


Many of them are for sale on my eBay page, and others are listed on the Gumtree site.


There is also a booklet of my works published on the ISSUU platform, July 2019. It includes the dimensions of each painting.

Inspiration for my animals theme comes from supporting causes to protect endangered / at-risk species — such as orangutans; elephants; tigers; green sea turtles; polar bears; toucans; koalas, and seahorses.

All works are varnished, with painted edges, and are ready to hang.

This is a link to a short video of my paintings as published on YouTube.


‘Colours are the essence of life 

At least to me it seems,

And whilst I haven’t seen them all

I’ve met them in my dreams’.


by Cliff Howard

Below, I list my paintings presently for sale on as at November 2020. The prices shown are subject to change.

Full size images of the paintings can be viewed on the eBay site.

painting of a magpie [sold]
painting of accoustic guitar